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SHE's activities span four main areas:

HEALTH EDUCATION has remained a predominant function of SHE. SHE?s audio-visual productions are frequently aired on national TV and radio. Its regular publications include the monthly leaflet Kulunu (?care? in Maldivian) and booklets on a wide range of issues.

COUNSELLING is another area where the Society has played a pioneering role. Under the counselling programme, services are extended through individual and group counselling sessions and through a telephone help-line.

Trained counsellors make annual visits to all secondary schools inMale', conducting sessions for students. Field trips ensure that similar sessions are provided for students in other islands. Play-therapy sessions are conducted for children who require support THALASSAEMIA and public awareness of the problem is closely identified with SHE, as the Society has been instrumental in highlighting the issue as a crucial health concern on the development agenda. The Society?s various efforts have contributed to the public recognition of Thalassaemia as a matter of critical importance to families and island communities as well as the nation as a whole. Thalassaemia screening services are provided at the Thalassaemia Laboratory and by means of mobile health items.

FAMILY PLANNING is another programme area covered by SHE. The family Planning Centre of the Society for Health Education is located at its headquarters in Male? the capital , with family planning services being offered to the islands through mobile health teams. Services provided include family planning counselling, gynaecological consultations, IUD insertion and distribution of contraceptives.